Sandra Benčić

Možemo, Croatia

MP in Croatian Parliament

For the last twenty years, Sandra has been working as an activist for the protection of human rights and gender equality in civil society. She is a member of the Center for Peace Studies, where she worked until 2018, mostly on the topics of inequality, asylum and migration.

In the “second” part of her life she deals with regional development and EU funds; she is the founder of one of the first consulting funds for EU funds (Razbor), a lecturer in Algebra and an external expert of the Council of Europe on freedom of speech.

She is also one of the founders and a former member of the foundation board of the Solidarna Foundation, she was a member of the Complaints Commission in the Ministry of the Interior and the Council for the Development of Civil Society.

Since its establishment, she has been active in the “Možemo!” platform, and is currently one of the party’s coordinators.